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Home Check-up

Each year, thousands of our elderly and physically challenged fall at home. Many of them are seriously injured (and can even lead to death), some become disabled, some develop fears of moving around in their homes because they just don’t know what might happen next. Approximately 1/3 of the aging population over 65 falls each year, and 80 years of age, that increases to about 1/2 annually. Those numbers just contain the falls reported, the actual number is higher.


Is your home safe? Is your loved one’s home safe? Has your home or their home gone through the “Home Fall Prevention Checklist”?


Our “Home Check-up” includes this list and many more items of concern. After our initial consultation and being hired, the first thing I like to do is send over my Handyman with a list of items to check in the home to help insure things are safe and senior-friendly. He will check smoke alarms, condition of floors, arrangement of furniture and so on making sure that things are in place and safer. Our minimum fee for this service is $75.00 and varies depending on location and size of home. We can provide an estimate for any work recommended as a result of the Check-Up or help you find the right provider to handle what is needed.

Daily Money Management

Daily Money Management – I will help you organize, follow, budget and pay your bills.


Work towards reducing/eliminating Scammers and Spammers as much as possible – elderly are prey of these evil doers (actually they aren’t prejudice, they’ll go after anyone. For example, I keep getting a robotic call saying the IRS is after me, it is bogus). Unfortunately some don’t understand that these calls and pieces of mail they are receiving are just some evil doer trying to take advantage of them and take their money, and unfortunately some give into whatever offer the fraudulent marketers are sending or calling about. I will go through and open, sort and organize correspondence helping them to understand what is and isn’t appropriate to respond to. When I find a scam, I will do my best to stop it from ever coming their way again.


A Daily Money Manager brings clarity and order to an individual’s daily management of personal bills, budgets and record keeping. A DMM assists clients with activities such as bill paying, day-to-day banking, budgeting, insurance paperwork, and organizing records and receipts in preparation for income tax filing.


What many of us aren’t: we aren’t CPAs, tax accountants, financial advisers, investment brokers, caretakers, or CNAs.


Totally for Seniors is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM).

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